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        Ultra precision ER collet DIN6499B for CNC machine tools

        來源:崇德精密機械  |  發布日期:2020-06-10 16:41  |  點擊閱覽: 189

        Chongde have been in CNC machine accessories industry for 15 years. We are serving 0.005mm and 0.008mm high precision collets and 0.002mm precision BT/CAT/HSK/NMTB-ER/SK Tool Holders etc.

        High Precision ER COLLET DIN6499, also known as spring collet, is mounted on a drill \ milling machine, drilling and milling chuck, its function is to clamp drill cutter or knife. ER flexible collet is currently the most used. It has stable performance and high accuracy by the majority of manufacturers trust. All products are precision grinding, in line with the German DIN 6499 specifications precision manufacturing. High precision collet chuck combines advantages of DIN6499/ISO15488A standard and B standard. High speed cutting such spring collet is mainly applied to the need for good in the radial runout error.

        Features of ER series tool holder The advantages of ER collet.

        1. ER collet is using the Japanese material: JIS-SUJ2, which has high stability and elasticity;

        2. Hardness: 46-50HRC;

        3. The Undercut of collet adopts the grinding process, which is more suitable for high-speed processing;

        4. The inner hole, excircle and end face are super finish ,through hardened and ground Ra0.4;

        5. The nickel coating surface increasing the service life of collet and ensure full functionality and precision.


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